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NWTF Turkey Hunting Toolbox

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The Official NWTF Turkey Hunting Toolbox has everything a turkey hunter could want in an app - and the NWTF receives a portion of the sales on every app sold!Live turkey sounds, hunting tips and tactics, turkey sound ringtones, instructional videos and much more.
The National Wild Turkey Federation’s Turkey Hunting Toolbox is full of amazing features:• Turkey sounds recorded from live wild turkeys• Exclusive turkey sound ringtones• Valuable turkey hunting tips and tactics• Easily calculate the score of your wild turkey• Wild turkey subspecies photos and descriptions• Links to the various state wildlife agencies that regulate hunting• Wild turkey subspecies range map
Turkey sounds recorded from live wild turkeysImprove your turkey calling by listening to 12 different live turkey sounds and two commonly used locator sounds.
Watch videos of champion turkey callers and call makers offering tips that will make you a better hunter. The videos cover a number of topics, including “Run a box call like a champ,” “Using locator calls,” “Improve your setup to improve your odds of bagging a turkey” and more.
Exclusive turkey sound ringtonesShow your turkey hunting pride by getting exclusive access to two NWTF turkey ringtones.
Learn great turkey hunting tips and tacticsGet instant access to a ton of great turkey hunting tips and tactics. Since internet service is not required for this feature, it will always be at your fingertips – even in the woods.
Easily calculate the score of your wild turkeyPunch in four simple measurements and the app will calculate the score of your turkey based on the NWTF Wild Turkey Records requirements.If you have an internet connection, you can even search the NWTF Wild Turkey Records to see how your bird would stack up.
Easily identify the different wild turkey subspeciesEver wonder how an Osceola and Eastern wild turkey differ or what sets a Merriam’s apart from a Rio Grande – this app will show you the differences. As well as provide a map showing the geographic distribution of the various subspecies.
Quick links to the state wildlife agencies that regulate huntingPlanning a turkey hunt? This app can take to right to the various state wildlife agencies to check out the regulations, season dates and license costs.
Get involved with the NWTFYou can even use this app to help you sign up for an NWTF membership, find banquets or local events and keep up with the turkey talk on the NWTF’s Facebook page.
About the NWTFThe NWTF is the leader in upland wildlife habitat conservation in North America and was a driving force in restoring wild turkeys, which now number more than 7 million.
The NWTF and its volunteers, working closely with wildlife management agencies and other partners, have invested $372 million and conserved 17 million acres of habitat to benefit wild turkeys and countless other species.
The NWTF also works to preserve our hunting heritage and its dedicated volunteers introduce about 100,000 people to the outdoors every year through NWTF programs.